The Anxiety of Clout

Some forms of anxiety are good. Others, are not.

Some just are what they are, neither good nor bad.

I have anxiety about sharing this journal with the world. Having a large audience leads you to think that you can only produce and share things that are immediately useful to others; things that will continue to increase your clout.

I do my best to not fall into that trap, but I argue that it's nearly impossible to, if you value the clout you've been given in any measurable way.

For example, these posts. I am quite certian that these journal entries will not only not increase my clout, and I have anxiety that they could detract from it. Kind of absurd, isn't it?

Being well-known in a community can take its toll on you, if you aren't careful.

Hence, I am publishing this — to be candid — and to keep things in balance.

Thoughts & Musings: a (Public) Journal

A collection of hand-written essays by Kenneth Reitz.