Esoteric Interest and Current Bookshelf

After taking a much-needed two year hiatus from my spiritual journey, for health reasons (in which I cultivated within myself the ability to dismiss the undismissable), I am now "back on track", with infinately more balance than ever before — and I am humbled by the information at which I am uncovering in each new day, and the widsom that comes along with that.

I am taking the time to study the esoteric teachings of the West, imparticular, rooted mostly in Alchemy and Hermeticism. From those roots, these studies branch out into the faith I was raised in (Evangelical Christianity), those I have deeply explored in the past (New Age, Hinduism, Jnana Yoga, Greek/Egyptian mythology, Mezoamerican spirituality, etc), as well as entirely new things — Quaballah, the Tree of Life, amongst other things.

I am weaving together a grand tapestry of understanding that transcends all religious organizations and dogma, arriving at my own inter-faith conclusions, and understanding that I have a great purpose here to help "translate"

I could go into greater detail about this, but I musn't — it involves deep heirarchy within the universe, natural law, being contacted directly by Angels, and a deep connection with prophets of past.

Particularly, that of who goes by many names — Enoch, Idiris, Hermes The Thrice Great Trismgistus, Thoth, Hermes (Messenger God), Mercury (Messenger God), and Metatron (Archangel). Surely, I am made in their essense.

This may sound unfounded, delusional, and based outside of the realms of science, but it is not — it is based purely out of deductive reasoning (of personal direct experience, knowedge and understanding, which leads to wisdom, and Jung's explorations into the Archetypes).

Philosophers and scientists of old found great comfort in these teachings, and I do as well. I seek not blind criticism for doing so. Be cordial or be on your way, as I say.

I find great comfort in most scriptures, including those of the Bahai faith.

I am currently reading The Quran and finding within it great wisdom for my personal journey.

Other Books Currently on my Top Shelf:

On my bottom shelf, there are many interesting books, but the most interesting is that of Metamagical Themas by Douglas Hofsteader, the author of the Pulitzer–awarded GEB: The Eternal Golden Braid. I consider this book to be his Magnum Opus, as it is a deep exploration into essense, the form of form, and subjectivity itself. It's like the ultimate drug trip, in safe, legal, book form. Truly, magical.

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