On Inspiration and Tools (like languages)

I often find myself inspired by the tools that I use. Today's example is a collection of VSTs made available from KORG Gadget for Mac.

Any artist can make due with any tools he has at his disposal — any camera, any lens, any synthesizer, any computer or editor (if he's writing code). I find myself, however, drawing the majority of my inspiration from other tools I love.

I mostly build tools myself, you see, so I guess I need to be surrounded by things I wish I had built myself, in order to be in the right mindset.

I could certinaly create with anything that was made available to me, not the best or my favorite of any tool — but it certinaly wouldn't be the same for me. I wouldn't be enjoying myself.

That's why I develop software in Python. It inspires me.

Why do you use your programming language of choice?

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