iPad as a Main Computer

Almost every morning, I wake up and go to the coffee shop to get a morning’s worth of work done — carrying with me, not a laptop, but my iPad Pro.

This setup has worked exceptionally well for me for well over a month. The iPad’s constraints help me stay focused on a task at hand, and using the device to be productive is mildly therapeutic, for some reason.

I’m currently typing this on a new Brydge 10.5 Keyboard for the iPad Pro, and I am finding this keyboard to be exceptionally fantastic. It really takes the "ultra-portable laptop" idea and runs with it, to a logical extreme.

I have mild reservations about the keyboard, especially since I use the Apple Pencil so much -- but there are so many pen–friendly laptops sold nowadays, that I figure it’s worth a shot. If it comes down to it, I can always dismount the iPad from the keyboard and use it traditionally (for a heavy drawing session, for example).

So far, so great :)

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