I Do Lots of Things

I’d like to take a moment to document the fact that I do a lot of things.

In less professional regards:

Why am I saying this? Two reasons —

Firstly— fuck off if you ever demand any amount of my time, which I give away freely. I do everything in my power to make myself as accessible, cordial, and approachable as possible. If that’s not enough for you, than you can kindly fuck yourself.

This message is kindly oriented to the users of my software who reside on GitHub — whom I am extremely thankful for and indebted to, but boundaries must still be set.

Secondly— I really struggle with boredom, every night, despite having all the above responsibilities/interests. I find that fascinating — and I think a sign of depression.

We’re all only human, so here’s a candid side of me.

Just hoping to share the less lightful sides of myself, for others to see, so they can get a bigger picture and understand.

Hope that helps.

Thoughts & Musings: a (Public) Journal

A collection of hand-written essays by Kenneth Reitz.