Poetic Expressions

Here are a selection of poems I wrote, hastily, the other morning, on paper. They are mostly inspired by my experiences with bipolar disorder.


Eternal discomforting
ever comforting
the change
always present
never arrives


Present tense
half aware at best
constant trains of mystery running through the mind
seeking answers to eternal questions
always more to find

never content — always complacent
the happiness begins
the hope of a resting place for
my mind, soul, body


Poetic expressions
a foreign concept to the popular mind
our busy lives prioritize
fulfillment in capitalistic ways
Inherently… it is what it is.

The words flow from mind to page
as breath fills the lungs
the rhyme, not given
the patterns, hidden

Welcome to my world.


Questioning the foundations of the fabric of your seven senses
A healthy state of mind
forced upon by imbalances of the chemical kind

imbalances that lead
imbalances that teach
imbalances that heal
with the help of western medicine, of course

Thoughts & Musings: a (Public) Journal

A collection of hand-written essays by Kenneth Reitz.