On Polyamory

A few years ago, I was polyamorous. I am not anymore.

I had a wife, as well as a girlfriend, and both relationsips were considered "open", at least on my end. I would often have very short-lived "relationships" with new aquantinences while travelling.

I found this lifestyle to be very rewarding for me at the time, but for various reasons, I find it to not be one for me anymore. There were many things that contributed towards this, things I need not mention here, but I will say this-I have found that my heart can love more than one person at once, but my mind cannot.

I'm now settled happily with my wife within a very traditional marriage. There's a strange comfort in not having to worry about such things anymore.

Aside, I think polyamory (or possibly the idea of open marriages) will become much more popular over the next 20 years. I believe, out of personal experience, that there is more stigma around polyamory in today's culture than there is around topics like transgenderism.

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