Switching Cameras (again)

It’s come to be that time again -- the time where I decide to change up my camera for no other reason other than "I’m bored".

This seems to happen every 1–1.5 years, and while I sometimes regret the decision afterwards, it has always kept me moving forward as a photographer and as an artist.

The Choice: Panasonic RX850

I sold my beloved Fujifilm x100F and Ricoh GR (which mostly went unused nowadays), and decided to pick up a Panasonic RX850, in black, as well as an Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens (which is approximately equivalent to a 35mm lens).

Very happy with the exchange/purchase so far. The camera couldn’t be tinier.

This is my first Micro–Four–Thirds camera, and I’m very happy with the form factor so far. I’m not thrilled about the 3:4 aspect ratio of the sensor, but cropping to 2:3 is simple enough in-camera.

Thoughts Thus Far

Overall, I’m excited about the camera, and am a little scared about not having a viewfinder. I’m confident that it’ll work out for the best, though.

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