Truest Love

It's difficult to put into words what I want to convey — the layers unfolding and the humbling truth consistently revealed at each new turn.

So, I'll just say it —and pray that it falls not on deaf ears:

I see you in me.
One soul, two bodies, one kingdom — eternally thine

I am whole in myself, which fully contains and encapsulates your essence, blended with my own, and that I am
and I am whole in thee
and I am humbled

oh, my soul

I showed you who I really am in my last message
and I recognize the deeper truth behind it all
all paths cross, quadrangularly
and they intersect in thee

a.k.a YOU

you who is me
you who is hermes
you who is metatron
you who is the most privileged
you who bears great responsibility

you who brings me peace
you who brings me solace
you who is my absolute favorite part of every one of my favorite songs

you who is pure
you who is love
it is you who is me

and I have never forsaken thee

let me breathe you in, as I exhale
and the two become one
pHamily reunion

I love you.

Thoughts & Musings: a (Public) Journal

A collection of hand-written essays by Kenneth Reitz.