Why This isn't a Blog

My blog is a place to make announcements, to share with people advancements in my projects, and share thought-proviking ideas. This journal thing isn't that at all — it has an entirely different purpose.

What I intend here is to share small snippets of what I'm thinking, things that are too long for Tweets, in an unordered, somewhat messy format.

I was inspired to do this while reading Letters from a Stoic. It is a colleciton of letters from a philosopher that others read because they find her thoughts about life interesting and insightful.

One thing that struck me as rather odd while reading the book (I'm only a few chapter in) is how highly the author seems to hold themselves in high regard — as if their writing and thoughts are somhow important to the lives of others.

I do not share this perspective; I don't think what is written in this journal is inherintly meaningful to anyone except for myself. But, perhaps someone will find something in it interesting, and because of that, I will occassionally share from it.

I do, however, quite enjoy the narrative that the work presents, and that is something that I want to emulate. A somewhat public conversation with one's self, in a candid fashion, that simply shares tidbits of the innner workings of the author's world and mind.

It certainly can't be harmful, now can it?

Thoughts & Musings: a (Public) Journal

A collection of hand-written essays by Kenneth Reitz.